Farming Natures Runes In Two Winter Jackets And A Chook Hat


From the desk of Mantas,

Somewhere deep in Europe.

Room with no heating in cold Lithuanian winter…..

…hands so cold, fingers could barely move ... buckwheat porridge three times a day ...and 12-hour long Runecrafting grind sessions.

This is what making-a-living-off-Runescape looked like when I first started in 2014.

My dad insisted on finding a “real” job.

My mom on taking over the family restaurant.

Nope. All that felt too boring ...and too comfortable.

So there I was sitting in my cold room flipping items at Varrock West bank and farming nature runes by day.

Accumulate 100M. Sell it for Paypal. Rinse and repeat.

Eventually I save enough money and in June of 2015 I open my Runescape gold shop.

In December of 2016 I buy a new AUDI 

In September of 2018 I am dead broke with a couple thousand dollars left to my name.

24-years old kid went all in on Bitcoin convincing himself that in a few short years he will own a mansion in Miami and a green Lambo.

So what do I do?

I invest my last money into books!

In 15 months I devour  24 marketing, advertising, and business books.

And late 2019s I get a revelation.

Runescape gold and boosting service industry is stuck in 1990s - no creativity in advertising.; No emotional connection with a client. It’s all based on transaction.

And this brings us to the present moment. 

I am still on the journey to re-invest the market  …to build massive online-games services - PIMPING - empire.

Thanks for being a part of this journey.

Means a lot! Now excuse me, I have work to do!

To Your OSRS Gainz,